“The quality of the wines results more from the vineyard that freely produced the grapes and less from the winemaker or the cellar work”

Quality and Authenticity

The viticulture and oenology in Amoreira da Torre, seek to respect as much as possible the quality and authenticity of the vines and grapes.

The work is centered on the grapes and not on the cellar.

Excellence in Production

In the cellar, we continued a minimalist intervention, knowing and controlling the winemaking process.

Fermentation is always done with natural yeasts native to the grape and we do not make corrections to the musts.

We ensure  a slight tangential filtration in the wines and we add sulfur dioxide in minimal doses (usually less than 60mg/litre), only at bottling to allow the stabilization of the wines.


All wines have been certified as Organic Wines since 2005.

Certifier: Kiwa-Sativa PT-BIO-03


All wines are certified as Vegan Wines.

Certifier: Vegan Society-UK